Aging and Exercise

Dr. Kristina Fruechtl Blog

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  I figured that in the middle of winter, when motivation for activity can be at it’s lowest, this is a good topic to delve into.

For the aging population, activity often falls into one of three categories:

  1. A very healthy and agile person who has taken really good care of himself/ herself, has lead an active life for most of their years, and continues to be as active as they are able.  Unfortunately, this group is somewhat an exception to the norm.
  2. Those who are moderately active and modify their activities to their physical capabilities and limitations. They know what basic movements they can do and are also open to trying new things and ideas of activity with help and support.
  3. Aging people who have been minimally active for many of their years, and continue to be so. They usually have several physical limitations, and may use these as excuses to continue to not be active or not make an effort to try new things.  This description is all too common for people.

Taken in one perspective, a very healthy place to be is category #2.  There are many opportunities now for the aging population to try new activities suited for their stages in life, and have social support along with it.  Look for beginner or senior classes at your gym or local community center. I found out recently that certain insurance companies (in Minnesota) offer free access to the YMCA for seniors!  How wonderful.

For more ideas and information on sound ways to be active as you age, refer to this link with very basic suggestions: