BACK to School and Posture

Dr. Kristina Fruechtl Blog

The new school year is almost here, which is bittersweet for some and a great relief for others.  As you go shopping for your child’s backpack and supplies, think about protecting the back and spine and how this might influence your purchase.

Backpacks are often poorly worn and overly stuffed with heavy books and additional items.

These are two great articles on children and heavy backpacks:

kids backpacks

Additionally, it’s all too common to see kids having poor posture. Slouching is even more prevalent now due to use of technology devices almost constantly. The amount of strain placed on the muscles of the neck and spine is significantly increased with just a looking down motion, such as in glancing at a smart phone or tablet.

Good posture is defined as having the ears in line with the shoulders and shoulders drawn back and down.  With proper posture, stress to the spine and all the surrounding muscles, ligaments, tendons and discs is diminished.

While your child’s posture and spinal health is one more thing to consider when your mind is already packed full of things to think about for back-to-school, it’s well worth the extra thought.  Less pain is just as important to your child as it is to you.