Migraines and Headaches – Can Chiropractic Help?

Regardless of what type of headache you have, the only good headache is one that is gone!

There are many causes of headaches including stress, trauma, food or chemical sensitivity and sinus congestion. Medication relieves these symptoms by numbing your nervous system to cover up the pain. However, prolonged use of medication can cause kidney or liver damage and does nothing to correct the underlying cause.

A chiropractic examination is performed to identify the most likely cause of your headache. If areas of your spine are not moving properly, this can affect your nerves, muscles and even the blood supply to your head causing pain and headaches.

If your examination determines that you may benefit from chiropractic treatment, adjustments will be carefully performed to help normalize spinal function, decrease muscle tension, and reduce nerve irritation.

If your doctor determines that your headaches are not likely caused by misalignments in your spine, you will be referred you to the appropriate specialist.