Easy Posture Exercise: Bruegger’s Relief Position

Dr. Kristina Fruechtl Blog

Give yourself a break from working on your computer, driving, lifting kids, pushing and lifting other heavy things, and stretch.  The Bruegger’s Relief Position opens and expands muscles and parts of joints that are mostly tight and compressed while doing movements and postures while hunched over and with the arms out in front of the body.  The Bruegger’s Relief Position also involves activating muscles in your middle back and using your diaphragm muscle correctly through breathing techniques.  This is important because the diaphragm muscle gets compressed when sitting in a hunched position so you can’t get oxygen in and out efficiently.

Here is a YouTube video produced by a different chiropractic clinic, with no associations to Marty Chiropractic, on a simple demonstration of the Brueggers’s Relief Position:


Try it throughout your day to see how you feel.  Since it doesn’t take much time, try it hourly in a seated or standing position.  Practice taking 3 to 5 slow to normal breaths, or inhaling slow through your nose and exhaling in short light repetitive bursts through your mouth.