Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser April 29th

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  • Home construction
  • Neighborhood revitalization
  • International outreach
  • Disaster Response
  • Financial Education

Did you know Habitat For Humanity is involved in so many aspects of helping families?  They not only build homes, they help build stability and security for families across the globe.  They build homes right here in our region for families who may not otherwise have an opportunity for adequate shelter.  They help educate families to become more financially aware to provide a path to successful home ownership.  They help repair existing homes making them habitable for families rather than sit empty.  They assist families to navigate the stressful and complicated path back to home ownership after losing their home due to natural disaster.

They need our help.

Marty Chiropractic is ready to help but we need you to help us help them. On Saturday, April 29th 8am-12pm, we will be opening our clinic to help as many people as possible in a matter of a few hours.  Current patients are encouraged to set up an “adjustment only” appointment and make a financial contribution of their choice directly to Habitat for Humanity.  Half hour massage appointments and cranio-sacral massage appointments are also still available. Encourage your neighbor/friend/family member to call to set up a new patient appointment for a consultation and exam.  They can choose how much they would like to donate to support the cause.

Habitat for Humanity has a positive impact in our community and across the globe.  This impact makes it an easy choice for our doctors and massage therapists to pass your donations on to make a difference in peoples lives.

Please call our office (952)894-5108 today to set up an appointment! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

 Learn more about Habitat for Humanity at habitat.org