How to Properly Lift Heavy Objects or Boxes

Dr. Bradley Olson Blog

One of the most common causes of back pain is the use of improper lifting techniques. To avoid serious back pain, people should try to follow a few of these simple steps to safely and properly lift heavy objects and boxes.

1. Get the whole picture: Size up the weight of the object and determine if you can move it yourself. Make sure there are no obstructions in the path you want to move it to. 

2. Keep the object close: Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart and try to hold the item close to your body and near to your waist. This will help you maintain stability and balance. 

3. Bend at the knees: This step is especially important. Bending at the knees puts most of the load on the stronger leg muscles instead of the weaker back muscles.

4. Push up with your heels: While looking straight ahead, push up with your heels and your leg muscles. Your back should not be bearing any of the weight at all during lifting.

5. Pay attention while moving the object: Take your time and watch where you are going and try to occasionally look at where you step. If you must turn while you are carrying the object, make sure to move your feet instead of twisting your spine.

6. Setting the object down:  Simply reverse how you picked it up. Do not bend your back – instead, bend your knees while keeping your back straight and looking straight ahead.

To keep yourself out of a situation where you are in serious pain and discomfort, take a few minutes to follow the above rules for proper lifting.

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