How Do You Know When You’re On a Healthy Track?

Dr. Kristina Fruechtl Blog

Many people try so many things through the course of many years, to try to achieve good health.  These are usually attempted with good intentions and sometimes they work out and end up giving us the results that were desired. Other times, they don’t and this leaves a sense of failure or urgency to try something different. Eventually, when you feel you might have exhausted all the options, sometimes this is when the “magic”  happens and what you need falls into your lap.  However, sometimes this still doesn’t happen and you are left struggling with unanswered questions on your quest for health.  Or maybe, you realize you were doing it fine all along and are now at just another stage of health so you need some new options. So how do you know if you’re on the right track when you try something to improve or manage your health?


A good start is that you feel more energized. Not an intolerable burst of energy or that sense that you will burn out if you keep it up.  Just a more clear sense of feeling more vitalized.

You find yourself thinking about your body mechanics when you sit at work, drive your car, do any exercise you do, relax on the sofa, and even how your body is supported while you sleep.  Sleep is widely recognized as vital component of health and we get the best sleep when taking an active role in how it occurs. A great modern way to remind yourself to to check in with body mechanics is to set an alarm on your phone, or go the traditional route of using sticky notes.

You see a healthcare provider when you don’t know what kind of treatment would be best, seeking out someone you trust and can make a partnered decision with, with your best interested in mind.


You are consistently making healthier choices, and realizing that being human, you won’t be making the perfect healthy choice all the time.  This would go particularly for dietary choices.

Just one more of many ways you know you are on the right track, is feeling supported in your health and confident your decisions, and not chasing the next best thing.