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Shine Chalk Board

In the past, I haven’t identified myself as one of the writers of our blog.  I didn’t feel like it really played into the topic well enough to be worth mentioning.  This time, it’s different.  I want you to know it is me, Dr. Tom Anderson, writing a blog about the October business of the month, Shine Boutique.

Why does it matter this time?  Because I love that place!  I have been to the store a few times now and I always have a great experience. I keep getting a bigger view of everything they have to offer, and that’s a lot!

To start out with, they have everything you didn’t know you wanted.  I had no idea I was going to leave with lemongrass soap but seeing it there reminded me of how much my wife likes it. The have clothing, knick-knacks, food items, seasonal goods and so much more.  You can get your eyelashes done (I passed) or even a spray tan (again, passed).  Do you like to play bingo?  Get there at 6pm on the first Thursday of the month and try your luck.  They even provide snacks that are served in their kitchenette area.

If that’s not enough already, check out their variety of classes and activities.  Last time I was there I saw large clay platters decorated and ready for the kiln.  You could come in and make a new platter with a holiday theme.  They have a larger list of activities for you to check out in their store.

Shine is definitely making an effort to be connected within our community.  I get the feeling they are trying to create a space where people can gather not only to shop but also to begin to develop social connections and make new friendships.  They are doing a great job of it!  They are a new business in Burnsville but I have a feeling they are going to be around a long time.

Be sure to mention Marty Chiropractic when you go visit because they will give you a 20% discount for being one of our connections.  They are located at 2552 Horizon Dr. Burnsville.

This feature was posted pretty late in the month.  I apologize for that!  Getting the new website established got me a bit off schedule.  Be sure to visit Shine Boutique to show them our support!