Announcing our September offer! A $47 “Personalized Ergonomics Tele-Consult” with Dr. Brad

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Dr. Brad has performed over 10,000 ergonomics tele-consults working with Fortune 500 companies and would like to share his expertise with you.

This offer is beneficial for everybody even if you are not exhibiting any musculoskeletal symptoms, but is extremely important for anyone who is currently experiencing any discomfort while working at a workstation desk. Especially if you are experiencing any upper extremity pain (hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, or shoulder), neck or back pain, and even headaches, in which your workstation ergonomics can all exacerbate. The consultation can be for your home office or work office workstation setup.

Workspace That is Ergonomically Correct For You

The consultation will take place by phone (video software like Zoom or Skype is not required) and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. During the call, Dr. Brad will discuss how to properly set up your workstation to be ergonomically correct for you. Covering topics such as proper chair height and adjustments (like lumbar support position, seat pan depth, and armrest positioning), keyboard/mouse placement, monitor positioning (height and distance), and any ergonomic equipment changes you should consider like the style of the mouse and/or keyboard, use of wrist rests, document holders, footrests, etc.

Prior to the consultation, we will request by email, a couple of pictures of your workstation setup, such as a picture of you sitting in your chair, an overall view of the workstation, and a picture of you sitting in the typing position at your workstation.

Calls will be followed up with an emailed report of findings including cost-efficient recommendations you can use to implement the changes.

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