Staying Healthy at Work: The 30-Minute Walk

Dr. Kristina Fruechtl Blog

Extra time can be difficult sometimes to find while at work, especially to get outside.  But getting some fresh air and some movement will likely make you a more efficient worker.  So this is worth trying out.


Make time in your work day to get away from your desk or office and go outside to walk.  Ideally it would be a 30-minute walk.  Some benefits include increased oxygen flow to your brain which boosts creativity, increased blood flow and oxygen to muscles, increased metabolic rate so you may burn more calories if you are trying to lose weight, decreased tightness of muscles (especially hip flexors which get tight when you sit for extended periods), better engagement of supporting low back muscles (exercises the gluteals which are not active while sitting).

If you don’t have the time to completely break away, take a phone call outside while walking. This may require bundling up in the winter or cold rainy weather. Or walk indoors. It’s best to walk hands-free if possible to engage good muscle firing patterns.  If you can’t find 30 minutes, then do what you can!

Here are some other ideas:

Keep a pair of walking shoes and clean socks at work

Have a “walking-meeting”

Schedule a regular walk with co-workers