The Amazing Avocado

Dr. Kristina Fruechtl Blog

For all the guacamole-lovers out there, this one’s for you!

The avocado is a fruit (identifiable by it’s pit) and it has wonderful health benefits.  It grows on a tree native to South Central Mexico. It matures on the tree, but ripens off the tree.  It is a healthy fat, which was mentioned in a previous post, and a delicious snack.  Since the avocado has a lot of history and facts about it, I’m including it’s Wikipedia link here.


You can actually find a lot of information about the avocado just by “googling” it.   Here is another helpful and accurate link.

For nutritional facts from the USDA (United State Department of Agriculture), read more at this link.

And for a great guacamole recipe, try this!