Wait! Your chiropractor does what?

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“I didn’t realize there are more options than taking a Heartburn pill to control heartburn.”

“I’ve had acid reflux for years. Nothing seems to stop it, only slow it down. Now I am ready to try something different”

“I enjoyed being able to try the bone broth. I might start making it at home.”

What a great night!

These are just a few of the statements we heard after our “Oh, My GERD! Is it Heartburn” class. Participants were pleased to learn that they don’t have to be limited to only one option to ease their pain. Now is the time to commit to the next steps. Make the change to make a difference!

Since we began advertising the class, I have had a few people ask why would a chiropractor be interested in helping people end their battle with acid reflux. What does that have to do with chiropractic? Well, it has a lot to do with it! To help make the connection, we can look at a very basic understanding of chiropractic care.

Have you ever hit your elbow and felt tingling in your finger? Have you had sciatic pain running down the back of your thigh? How about weakness and pain in your hand due to carpal tunnel syndrome? Have you had neck pain that seems to also shoot pain down through your arms? These are all fairly common symptoms of nerve interference. We can’t keep you from hitting that bad spot on your elbow, but we can work to relieve the pain in the examples above through spinal adjustments.

Spinal adjustments reduce nerve interference by creating very small, intentional movements of the joint to take the pressure off the nerve running nearby. With the reduction of pressure, the communication that happens through the nervous system from brain to nerve ending and back again can be clear and efficient. Clear and efficient communication leads to no tingling, numbness or shooting pains. It also can contribute to faster reflexes, better agility, balance and coordination.

Now, that is a very quick view of a piece of chiropractic care that many people are familiar with. Most people we treat understand that if we adjust their low back, their leg symptoms improve. If we adjust their neck, their headaches lessen or go away, or their arm and hand symptoms improve. But, what if we adjust their mid back? What are the benefits of adjusting that painful spot right between their shoulder blades? Or that spot a little lower that seems to only be there when the doctor pushes on it? Is the adjustment only getting rid of the pain in that particular spot? No! We believe, and research suggests, it is doing much more!

The area we are referring to is the thoracic area. The nerves that are distributed from the spinal cord in this area supply the organs in your chest cavity and gut. Your heart, lungs and diaphragm are some of the organs in the chest cavity. Your stomach, gallbladder, intestines and liver are some of the organs in the gut. Just as your head, arms and legs benefit from adjusting the neck and low back, these organs in the chest and gut can also benefit from adjusting the thoracic area. The communication from the brain, through the spinal cord to the nerves and eventually to the organs can be made clear and efficient through thoracic adjustments. It stands to reason there could be improvements in respiration, heart function, intestinal health or digestion if the body is allowed to communicate with itself effectively.

And there we are, back to digestion!

How well we digest can be one of the factors in why some people have heartburn or acid reflux. We can change our diet or how we eat, but if the body is hindered from communicating with itself effectively (the brain’s messages to the stomach and the stomach’s messages to the brain) poor digestion can still occur. Chiropractic adjustments can improve the communication between the two organs and thereby help the body to function more normally and heal itself.

In closing, your health is affected from many different angles. From the foods you eat, to the exercise you get, to receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractors strive to bring it all together to work holistically with you. I know this is going to date me, but as Paul Harvey would say –Now you know, the rest of the story.