Welcome Spring!

Dr. Kristina Fruechtl Blog

For all of you who are making the most of the warmer spring days and longer hours of daylight, this is for you.  If you were more sedentary through the winter, make sure you start out slow with activity to prevent any injuries.  Here are some additional tips to get you on the right track for Spring health:

  1. Take the time to stretch, gently before activity if you are already warmed up, and thoroughly stretch afterwards.  Even better, develop a regular daily or nightly stretching ritual. This may even help you sleep better.
  2. Hydrate. Drink plenty of fresh and clean water.  Add some lemon juice from a lemon (not from concentrate) to warm water to increased the cleansing benefits.
  3. Make sure you get your rest. With the lost hour of daylight savings, this can affect some people for several weeks. It’s best to have a regular sleep schedule with bedtime and time you wake up.
  4. Get your equipment tuned up.  It’s a great idea to have your bicycle tuned up and to make sure it fits you properly and to prevent any malfunctions.
  5. Plan a vegetable or herb garden. Scope out farmer’s market locations and dates, so you know where to go to get good plant, seeds and produce when it starts to show up. Or page through a catalog and start ordering.


Happy Spring!