Curling…the amazing and unique workout!

Dr. Kristina Fruechtl Blog

Yes! I had the amazing opportunity to attend a curling lesson this past weekend.  While you had to figure that something with so much finesse had to be much more difficult than it looks, it was interesting to experience this firsthand.



A lunge, modified. This person is gliding forward on the ice with minimal weight on the right hand. A lot of balance on the left foot. While this position of the knee in front of the ankle can be highly stressful on the knee, it appears it can’t be avoided in this sport. Excellent core strength and flexibility must be acquired.  Since it’s a repetitive movement of the same position, it would be helpful to do some kind of cross training to keep muscles balanced.


This is a lot of hard work.  The “sweepers” have to use their arm, core and leg strength to sweep and smooth the ice to help the stone keep going.


It took a bit to get the technique down, and IT WAS a lot of hard work.  And, it was A LOT of FUN! I would jump on the chance to do it again.

Just another unique way to stay active in the Minnesota winters!