Why Does My _______ Hurt?

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Inflammation is actually the chemical source of what we feel as physical pain.  It can be the effect of inactivity or too much activity, irritated arthritic joints, chronic disease, poor dietary choices or insufficient nourishment, and stress.  Here are some ways to start reducing inflammation today. http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/20/health/food-cause-pain-daniluk/  

Aging and Exercise

Dr. Kristina Fruechtl Blog

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  I figured that in the middle of winter, when motivation for activity can be at it’s lowest, this is a good topic to delve into. For the aging population, activity often falls into one of three categories: A very healthy and agile person who has taken really good care of himself/ herself, has lead an …

Keep focusing on your core and get stronger

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Your core muscles are like a “box”  that supports and helps stabilize your spine.  Your abdominal muscles are the front of the box (the deeper muscles, not the ones on the surface that create that “6-pack” appearance), the pelvic floor muscles form the bottom of the box, the deep back muscles form the back of the box, and the diaphragm …

Curling…the amazing and unique workout!

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Yes! I had the amazing opportunity to attend a curling lesson this past weekend.  While you had to figure that something with so much finesse had to be much more difficult than it looks, it was interesting to experience this firsthand.     A lunge, modified. This person is gliding forward on the ice with minimal weight on the right …

Where to find helpful information

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When tackling the broader food world and trying to make good decisions, where do you turn for advice? This post is not meant to be a promotion, so my apologies if it comes off as such, but I am a fan of Environmental Working Group. There is a lot of quality information there on GMO foods and labeling, toxins and pesticides, …

Fruits and Veggies Galore!

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In the middle of frigid Minnesota winters, when the outside temperature is consistently below zero degrees Fahrenheit for a few days, fresh fruits and veggies may be the last thing you feel like eating!   While you instead turn to comfort food, keep in mind the nutrients that are contained in a variety of colorful fruits and veggies and then the …

10 Day Liver Detox Challenge!

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Mid-Day fatigue Brain fog Memory issues Difficulty losing weight Mood swings or irritibility These can all be signs you may be needing to do a liver detoxification.  The full list is even longer.  If you have been to our clinic recently you have probably seen signs posted about our upcoming 10 Day Liver Detox Challenge hosted by Dr. Kristina.  It’s going …